Smart Home Products Help You Live Smarter

2020-04-14 09:39Verity

Smart home systems and devices are everywhere we look these days, but we were surprised to hear that 50% of the 10,000 BT Shop customers we surveyed recently don’t currently own a single smart home product? We know, how have these people survived having to turn lights on by themselves and pressing play on their stereo rather than asking a virtual assistant to play it for them?

Between January and March 2019 we spoke to 10,000 BT Shop customers to find out if they owned any smart home products and how they used them – and if they didn’t own one, we asked them why.

While many of us are well aware of the many benefits that smart home products have brought to our homes, there are still many people who are yet to even interact with a smart home device and don’t feel the need to, either. We all live our lives differently and for some people it’s just not important for them to automate when lights come on in their homes or to have a virtual assistant capable of telling them the weather forecast before leaving the house.

54% of customers said they were completely new to the idea of a smart home with 83% of all surveyed stating that they would be looking to buy a smart home product at some stage in 2019 (including those who currently owned smart home products and those who currently don’t).

Smart Home Week between 20th and the 26th of May 2019 is a great way of raising awareness of what smart home systems and devices are available as well as the undoubted benefits. 91% of our customers said that they saw the convenience behind smart home products and 47% genuinely believed that smart home products made their life easier.

To help you find out just how that is we’ve put together a collection of smart home scenarios so you can choose the right smart home product or system for you. Smart home products definitely make a difference to what you can do when you are – and are not – at home, helping to save both time and money. But we understand that, for someone new to the world of smart home systems and devices, it can be confusing as to just what each product does. For example, can you turn lights on and off with a smart speaker? Is a smart speaker just like all other speakers in your home? Is a smart plug just a plug socket? If you’re asking these or similar questions, head over to our smart home scenarios hub or read on for a little more detail.